Jeff Beacham, Owner

I was born and raised in North Carolina and currently live in Charlotte with my two dogs. I love the outdoors and enjoy camping, hiking and biking. I have always enjoyed making things with my own hands and have spent most of my life drawing, painting, paper making and creating mixed media art.

I found weaving by accident after attending a wet felting class at the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair in 2015. My first year weaving was spent exploring various types of looms, styles of weaving, as well as experimenting how I can blend it with other fiber arts such as felting and hand dyeing. Weaving is very rhythmic and zen like. It is great for meditating after a stressful day. My favorite looms include frame looms, small pin looms, tapestry looms and more recently rigid heddle looms, inkle band looms and floor looms. Weaving satisfies the duality in me. It is very structured and reproducible but with the colors & textures of yarns, the thousands of weave patterns and multitude of looms, everything is one of a kind.

I enjoy experiencing the raw materials and envisioning what they want to be. The art, for me, is in combining the textures and colors in ways people don't expect. I've transitioned from a very structured artist to one that can appreciate the "happy accidents" that comes with creating things by hand.

What’s next for me?  My short-term goal is to secure space for a weaving studio, one that will have private space to continue to explore my creativity plus a community space for classes and other community focused events on the art of weaving and felting.  

My long-term goals are to open a larger community creativity center that people can come and explore new ideas in art.  I envision this to be a place where the young and old can come and try out new things, whether that be through classes or free-form creative expression.



This is a view into the pieces I have created.  For a complete listing of items for sale, please visit my store.

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